Arguably the two most critical positions on a lacrosse field are the face-off specialist and goalie. In our continuing effort to provide unique development and recruiting opportunities for student-athletes; ProspectCNNCT is pleased to partner with the Face-Off Academy and Scotty Rodgers Goalie Training to present the 2018 Western Braveheart Challenge. Join face-off specialists and goalies from around the country on the campus the University of Arizona on December 16, 2018 to train and compete with the best.

All athletes signed up will go through a 90-full minutes of specialized positional training with the best staff in the game. After the positional training sessions have concluded, participants will compete in a elimination-tournament style Braveheart Challenge.

The high school bracket of the Braveheart Challenge will be professionally broadcast live to college coaches are recruiters around the country. All athletes participating will be using BEACON so that coaches watching can contact them after the event. This is a tremendous exposure opportunity for all goalies and face-off specialists involved. Cost is only $110 per athlete for the 2018 Western Braveheart Challenge. Slots are limited. Be sure and register today!

WHEN: December 16, 2018
WHERE: University of Arizona
COST: $110


Scotty Rodgers
Pro Veteran, All-Star & MVP
2X NCAA All-America Honoree
NCAA Championship MVP
University of Notre Dame

Brendan Fowler
Pro Veteran & All-Star
2X NCAA National Champion
NCAA All-America Honoree
Team USA
Duke University

Jerry Ragonese
Pro Veteran
2015 MLL Champion
D3 NCAA Tournament Finalist
Rochester Institute of Technology